TURN-AROUND TIME: a few days. SAMPLES: @ Ajevie.com. UK/EU ORDERS via ShopHexennacht on Etsy, please

Shipping & Policies / Samples


If there is any hesitation to "blind buy" scents (which I totally understand!), samples are readily available via Ajevie. This is a great way to test scents/bases out, should skin sensitivities/allergies be a concern. Since there are innumerable factors that contribute to skin sensitivities/allergies, scent likes/dislikes, for this reason as well.

Please be sure to "'patch test" new scents out prior to regular / sustained use. By purchasing, you agree that Hexennacht shall not be held liable for any skin sensitivities or allergic reaction that may occur.


Turn-around time (i.e. the time you place your order until the time the order gets dropped off at the post office) is posted in the banner at the top of the shop/website, and is updated regularly.
If you wish to email to inquire as to the status of your order and the duration has not exceeded the stated turn-around time... I beg of you, please be considerate and refrain from doing so.

This is a one-person shop -- almost everything is made-to-order, and I do everything entirely on my own. 


Hexennacht DOES NOT accept refunds, changes, or exchanges. I often begin working on orders immediately after they are submitted. This requires time and materials, and I cannot refund or make changes once the order is placed. Please select your scents/items carefully before placing your order, or order samples via Ajevie (see above) prior to full-sizing..

Packages weighing under 16 oz. are shipped via USPS First Class (domestic or international); over 16 oz. USPS Priority.
Some packages, depending on the content (perfumer's alcohol), will be shipped via UPS Ground. No refunds or replacements for items lost in the mail. A tracking number will be issued to you along with shipping confirmation.

Due to Brexit / VAT restrictions, we are not currently shipping to Europe. Shipping cost for the country of destination is calculated once the order is complete, weighed, and a shipping label is generated.
Overages (if any) are always happily refunded. No refunds or replacements for items lost in the mail or confiscated in customs. A tracking number will be issued to you along with shipping confirmation.

Please be aware that I cannot be aware of every country's duty/tax/customs policies. Therefore, you as the buyer are responsible for your own import tax.

International orders are shipped via USPS International First Class.

Customs - Gift vs. Merchandise: I will not (ever) illegally state an item as a "gift". If it is not a gift *from me* to the recipient, it is considered merchandise. Period.

All orders are shipped to the address given, unless you provide other instructions.
No returns, replacements, or refunds on any order sent to an incorrect address unless it's my fault - or your order is returned to me by the post office.