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Creosote / Wild Chaparral Oil


5 mL roll-on in clear glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball.

This is the culmination of a lot of hands-on work, from foraging, drying, infusing, storing, bottling, to the final product:
a limited batch of Creosote Oil (excellent for cuts/scrapes/scratches, bug bites, rashes, fungus, scaly patches, sun damage, and burns) made with Larrea tridentata infusion*, coconut oil fractions, and dried/rehydrated Larrea tridentata.

Added bonus - it can serve double duty as a medicinal oil and/or natural perfume oil that smells like *true* Sonoran/Mojave desert rain.

*My creosote bush / wild chaparral (Larrea tridentata) oil infusion has been infusing for no less than a full moon cycle at any given point, at which point it has reached a rich, olive-deep forest green *strongly* scented from the creosote bush / wild chaparral I wildcrafted myself from the Sonoran desert.

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