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Van Van Wash


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This listing is for one 4-ounce bottle of juju-clearing concentrate (ALWAYS dilute, for best results).

In theory and practice, washing with Van Van Wash is tantamount to a wet/wash version of clearing out bad juju -- similar to using sage/smudge sticks.
Van Van Wash can be used for protection, to clear the way for new beginnings, to clear out negative energy, and to purify the home. And (of course), it is safe, non-toxic, and cleans beautifully.

Dilute a tablespoon or two (or 3, depending on the strength of the task at hand) to a bucket of warm water, to spiritually AND physically cleanse your home or business.
If dilute enough, it should effectively and safely clean any surface -- I use it on everything, even adding to an empty spray bottle to clean glass/mirrored surfaces, with no streaking whatsoever. If it streaks, dilute it some more, and wipe dry with a clean paper towel.

This is a traditional recipe that has been in use since the 1920's. The traditional method of using Van Van Wash is to wash floors from the top floor to the bottom floor, from the back to front of each floor, including the door frame & threshold.
Dispose of old wash-water out the front door -- ideally to the East, if possible.

As with all my products, I take the time to make these from scratch, using ingredients from my home and garden.
This contains herbs, roots, and oils; including my handmade Van Van oil, which includes lemongrass, citronella, gingergrass, palmarosa, & vetiver. For added "oomph", I also add broom corn straws, lemongrass, pyrite, and frankincense tears to each bottle.

Generously-sized *randomly chosen* free perfume oil samples are included with each order, but we do not honor specific sample requests (samples are all pre-made). For specific sample requests, please visit our official decanting partner at www.ajevie.com