• Image of Set of Five Dram Perfume Vials

In order to continue providing drams in the shop and in order to keep up with orders at a reasonable turnaround time, PLEASE limit to five drams (total) per order. Orders with drams exceeding the limit will be immediately canceled/refunded. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it's the only way I can keep up with the current volume, and to keep things fair for everyone.

Set of FIVE (5) 1-dram (1/8 ounce) vials. Each vial holds approximately 3.55 ml of fragrance.
No sprayer or roller ball is affixed to these vials. They are offered in either oil-based or alcohol-based perfume.

Please select your perfume base preference -- Parfum Extrait or Perfume Oil (please limit to one base/formula per set), and include your 5 scent preferences, in the "notes/instructions" of the order summary at checkout.
(view Scent List on the main page)

*****PLEASE take note that because this is the most-frequently ordered item, AND because each set is made to order, the turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks.
Updates are in my shipping & policies section, and in my Facebook group.*****

ALSOOOO pleeeeeeease choose scents carefully -- Due to extreme backlog, I cannot (will not) make changes to the order once the order is placed.

Trouble deciding which base to use?
Perfume oil has a fractionated coconut oil base, whereas extrait uses a premium perfumer's alcohol base, like "mainstream" perfumes.
Perfume oil scents have a tendency to remain closer to the wearer; alcohol-based perfumes have a farther-reaching scent trail.

Ingredients: Premium Perfumer's Alcohol/Fractionated Coconut Oil, fragrance oil(s), and/or essential oil(s).