• Image of 15mL Parfum Extrait Spray OR Perfume Oil

This listing is for one 15mL (1/2 ounce) bottle of perfume oil/extrait.

Please select either an oil base (NO spray atomizer) or parfum extrait, and let me know your scent preference in the "notes/instructions" of the order summary upon checkout.

View Scent List here: http://www.hexennacht.com/scent-descriptions

Paraben-free / Phthalate-free.

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil OR premium perfumer's alcohol, fragrance oil(s), and/or essential oil(s).

Trouble deciding which base to use?
Perfume oil has a fractionated coconut oil base, whereas extrait uses a premium perfumer's alcohol base, like "mainstream" perfumes.
Perfume oil scents have a tendency to remain closer to the wearer; alcohol-based perfumes have a farther-reaching scent trail.